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Q: Will it damage my hair? 

Not at all, in fact it will let you achieve the long hair you have always wanted and give the hair an opportunity to grow on its own.

Q: Is it real hair?

Yes 100% Human Hair.  we only grow human hair from humans and we only test our products on humans .  EZ GO HAIR DOES NOT USE ANIMAL HAIR NOR DUE WE TEST OUR PRODUCTS ON ANIMALS. We are currently working on a synthetic material that has all the properties and attributes of human hair.  Look for this in the near future....

Q: Long does it last?

EZ GO HAIR  can last just for your special event or they are recommended for extended wear.  When doing so you must maintain them, the longer they stay in the more you will need to do on them. Just like your own hair.


Can I color it?

Yes, its 100% Human Hair, all natural.


Q: Can I use an iron on it?

Yes, and if the iron is too hot you will damage it just like your own human hair, max recommended heat not to exceed 380 F/ 180 C.


Q: Can i use rollers?

Yes, just like your own haur if you are doing your hair early and you want it to last you can  make a tighter curl so as it drops it will last the event time.


Q: How much should I pay a salon to put them in?

Between $10.00 to $35.00 depending on the person doing the work.  It's an art form, each artist can charge what the market will bear, depending on location and conviencence.


Q: Should I tip the stylist for putting them in?

T.I.P.S. = To Insure Prompt Service, so if you feel you received a great service tipping is always appreciated. 


Q: Can i put my hair up?

Yes, we recommend you go to www.bestpricesalon.com for accesories.


Q: Has the hair been sanitized?

Yes, we prep and ensure that all our hair meets Grade A Prime, standards set by Hair Around the World.


Q: I had them in and they began to slide out?

Yes, just like your own hair you many lose some extensions, but if in the application there was not enough hair pulled through the EZ GO Head than there may be slippage.


Q: How do you know how much hair to take?

As much as can fit through the EZ GO Head, if you have too much it will not pull through.


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